About Adam L. Cobden

Adam has written as a hobby amassing a collection of memo pads, notebooks, and forgotten files. After many years of working merely to pay the bills, it was the energy and enthusiasm of his young children that inspired him to harness his vivid imagination onto paper. His first book, The Mad Ventures of Bindlestiff Cliff, released on September 6, 2016. Also, his blog is currently featuring the stories of Detective Chet Darby. Find Adam on his Facebook PageFacebook Profile, Amazon, and Twitter.

Adam Portrait New Standard BW Here’s what I have to say:

Like many people, I am an enigma to myself. I say and do things without thought for the action only to later think about why I did or said whatever that may be at a given moment. I have shown fear, fear of failure in particular, as much respect as I could during my days. After many years droning along, paying bills, and seeking refuge in the simple and immediate pleasures, I have begun to shun my complacency and dip my toes into an endeavor that fulfills that deeper need. If it sounds easier said than done, it’s because it is easier said than done. Struggle within yourself, in any form, is a war you will fight your entire life. With that in mind, you have to pick your battles and try to win as many of them as you can. I simply chose a larger battle with fewer odds in my favor.

Beyond all the symbolism and fancy talk, I am just a regular person. I have a wife and kids, get too emotionally involved in the outcome of sporting events, and am sometimes embarrassed by the contents of my Netflix queue. I have been writing as a hobby for quite some time and have decided to make that a much bigger part of my life, failure be damned. Follow the links above to check out my blog and my book. This is merely the beginning. Thanks for your support.

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