Why the World Actually is Flat

I’m sure that most people have heard that there are pockets of folks around who have rekindled the belief that the world is flat. Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn, and many more with the first-hand experience would wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. Physically speaking, the Earth is most definitely not flat. It is a fact. However, the world HAS become flat. Allow me to explain.

Regrettably, technology has very much begun to bite us in the arse. While it’s not the dystopian rule of artificial intelligence that went from cleaning the skid marks from our undies to eliminating all humans to protect us from ourselves, we are still suffering at the hands of technology nearly as much as we are benefiting. Don’t get me wrong; I love tech more possibly than the next person but the time that I went to work and left my phone at home still haunts me. It was not pretty and certainly made me feel silly.

The dominance of social media, fake news, alt-facts, and the idea that we can choose the facts that we want to believe and vice versa has created a bizarre ecosystem of doubt, mistrust, and knee-jerk reasoning. People think with their feelings. Somehow, there is a disturbing possibility that more Americans will believe in angels than a round Earth. If by angels you mean the big, funny dude that you went to school with then, yes, I believe in Angels.

Another fact is that you really cannot believe everything that you see or read on the internet. There is substantial misinformation whether it be a mistake, lie, or manipulation. For example, the news people are spreading about the Earth being flat is likely all of the above. Everyone knows that this is true, but it seems now it is being taken advantage of to the point that ANY information on the internet is treated as a la carte. In other words, it’s true if it fits into my view of the world and false if it does not.

Whenever I meet a new coworker, typically a kid in his twenties, I always tell them that if all else fails just play dumb if you screw up. Why? Because people so desperately want to believe that everyone else is stupid, incompetent, or incapable that they will jump at the chance to have that affirmation. What’s more is that people like to have an actual stupid person around to make them feel better about themselves. This is nothing new. It’s akin to the big group of girls with the one ugly friend that has a great personality. No offense, that’s just an example that people get. Don’t shoot the messenger.

We’ve lost hold of things that are real, tangible. Entertainment primarily exists in the ether of the internet, especially books and music. Even friends mostly live online and strain the definition of the word. What happens when the robots stop eliminating the stains from our nether garments and start eliminating us? I don’t know, we need the fancy robots first. The take away is that maybe we should embrace what is right in front of us. Stop telling me to shut up while you have a typed conversation with another person who isn’t in the room. Once again, History is laughing as we endeavor to prove its point yet again. We can always see past that which is in right front of our face and seem to do so simply because we have the luxury.

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I'm sure that most people have heard that there are pockets of folks around who have rekindled the belief that the world…

Posted by Adam L. Cobden on Monday, December 4, 2017

If at First You Don’t Succeed is a Friend Indeed

I’ve always gotten a kick out of it whenever people mess up a saying so, to that end, I decided to try out this series of shorter, possibly lazier, blog posts. Here we go.

If at first, you don’t succeed is a friend indeed. As I tried my hand at mashing common sayings together, this one came across as more succinct, in my opinion, than other attempts which means it required far less creativity to hash out, for better or worse.

As I try to make writing a more significant part of my life, I can certainly relate to the idea that one cannot just write one book or a few blog posts and expect any kind of instant gratification or the naive hope that minds will be blown. There is definitely something very personal about writing because it is the transference of one’s thoughts into a physical, permanent form. Afterwards, they can be readily picked apart, for one reason or another, or ignored entirely. Thoughts are one of the few things that we can all keep for ourselves in this ever-increasing age of knowing everyone’s business all of the time and five minutes after said business is concluded. With social media in mind, it might be that our thoughts are somehow simultaneously our most precious and frivolous commodities.

At the heart of this mash-up, to me, is the notion of just not giving up on yourself for any reason. Setbacks will happen, then they will pass, and more will come. The lessons learned the hard way tend to be the ones that stick with us and, hopefully, leave us wiser in the end. Embrace your failures. Look past the negative feelings that they conjure and slay them the next time around. None of us are perfect, but we often expect perfection when it was never there in the first place. Respect history and I don’t mean the one that we learn from books during school. Although, we might do well to remember that as well.

Perhaps a better way to say that is to respect your past. When I was in my twenties, I wish I knew half of the things that I know now. There is an excellent reason that we hear that said so often. It’s because it is right despite your station in life. Both a Supreme Court Justice and a crackhead will have in common this sentiment, though sometimes these two examples are the same person.

To wrap this up, I will echo once again that the search for perfection is buried in the corner of the cave wherein lives Sasquatch, which is in Canada somewhere. I’m convinced that Sasquatch is Canadian. I felt compelled to mention that. Let me get back on track here. And…done. Just because you fail many times, doesn’t mean that you are or must be a failure. The best warriors always had battle scars, and they almost always look really cool. Make no mistake, life is one big battle, and the war isn’t over until the final breath. In our own lives, we are supposed to be the hero, not the coward. In a foxhole, there is only fear and darkness, I’ve had my fair share of both. Whether or not that is what you want, is up to each one of us to decide.

Copyright © 2017 by Adam L. Cobden. All Rights Reserved.

I've always gotten a kick out of it whenever people mess up a saying so, to that end, I decided to try out this series…

Posted by Adam L. Cobden on Friday, October 13, 2017